Dear Parent Carer

Due to the rising level of Covid cases both nationally and locally within our own community, we have, this evening, taken the decision to move our Awards assemblies outside onto the upper school playground.

As a result, and to allow for the additional set up time required, next week’s Awards assemblies will now take place at 10.00am each day:

Nursery P1 & P2   Monday 27 June

P3, P4 & P5            Tuesday 28 June

P6 & P7                  Wednesday 29 June

(Nursery ‘Stay and Play’ on the Monday, will follow on afterwards, from 11.30-12.30 )

Entry will be via the Cradlehall Park entrance to the school. Please note, as always, the school car park is for staff and disabled use only. Please be careful not to park on the street outside this entrance, nor block residents’ access to their driveways

As we have been practising hard inside in the hall, moving outdoors will be a first for the children and we hope that  their efforts on the day will match those fine performances experienced of late in rehearsals!

At present the forecast for all three days is fair but should the weather change drastically, then the Assembly will, regrettably, have to be held indoors without an audience.

It may be necessary to further change our plans owing to the availability of staff on any given day. We will keep you posted with any changes through the usual channels.

Apologies for any inconvenience which may result from this late change to our plans but we trust that you understand the rationale behind our decision, especially as it relates to the close proximity of the summer holiday period.

Best wishes

Lawrence Sutherland

Head Teacher

P4-P7 Sports Postponed

Unfortunately for the second day in a row we are having to postpone our sports. This time we it’s P4-P7. The ground is just too wet to run on. Thank you for your understanding. With the rest of the week looking so wet we are crossing our fingers for at Tuesday 31 May being a perfect day!