P7KG and P7M STEM Pinball Challenge

P7KG and P7M worked co-cooperatively to create pinballs for their P1 buddies.

Design skills were put to the test as the teams developed their ideas, adapting and perfecting along the way.

They then presented their final products to their P1 buddies!

Feedback from P1 was very positive with the P7 buddies commenting on the bright colours, the themes and obstacles.

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Meet P7M Reps!

P7M now have all their new class reps for ECO, RRSA, Pupil Council and Digital Leaders. Here is who we chose:

Pupil Council- Iain Mackenzie & Sienna McEwan

ECO- Daniel Garrod

RRSA- Ailish Boyd

Digital Leaders- Kaelan Buchannan & Lucas Skinner

Well done to everyone who put themselves forward!

P7M – Taking Maths Outside!

Today, as part of Maths Week P7M went outside to calculate perimeters and use outdoor objects to make equations.

Some of us used twigs to build perimeters, then measured them accurately to one decimal place. Once we had all our sides measured we then chose which adding strategy we wanted to use to work out the perimeter.

The other half of us were using algebra but instead of letters we used objects we found outside like feathers, stones and leaves.

P4S Dino Maths STEM trip

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P4S were lucky enough to be invited to the UHI STEM hub to take part in a special Dino Maths workshop as part of Maths Week Scotland.  They became Palaeonotologists for the morning and set out to investigate what dinosaurs might have looked like and how they may have behaved by using Maths problem solving skills.  They were able to apply knowledge of coordinates, measure, multiplication and division to complete the activities.  They were also able to demonstrate good team work and cooperation skills.  A wonderful way to spend a Wednesday morning!

P7 workshops Skills Development Scotland

P7 had a fantastic day with two workshops at Skills Development Scotland. We developed our Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths skills through coding. There were also lots of opportunities for co-operation, problem solving and presenting – skills for life long learning.

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ECO – Green Flag Celebration!

Cradlehall is delighted to have been re-accredited with an Eco School’s Green Flag.  It is in recognition of all the positive action we are taking as a school community towards protecting and safe guarding the environment. Huge thanks to everyone who is supporting our recycling campaigns. If you have empty crisp packets at home, please send them in to be recycled.

We held a short gathering to mark this occasion. Please enjoy a video of this event by clicking on the link below.


If you want to find out more about Eco Schools please click on the following link: https://www.keepscotlandbeautiful.org/sustainable-development-education/eco-schools/